Effective Resolution Of Construction Disputes

When a dispute arises regarding construction, there are numerous parties that may need to have their best interests protected, including:

  • Contractors — Has a property owner refused to pay for work you have done?
  • Subcontractors — Has a general contractor failed to pay you?
  • Supply houses — Were you not paid for materials that have already been installed?
  • Property owners — Was work done to the specifications in the plans?

I am attorney John A. Fialcowitz. I help individuals and businesses pursue and defend against claims related to construction disputes. Many of the situations I am asked to assist with relate to commercial real estate. For example, a franchisee may need to remodel or construct the location of his or her new business to certain specifications from its franchisor. If that construction does not meet those specifications, the franchisee may be in violation of the franchise agreement.

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