Meet Attorney John A. Fialcowitz

For more than 15 years, I have been helping business owners fight to protect the investments they have made in their businesses. I understand the hard work that goes into beginning and building a business. Many of my clients have come to me when a dispute is threatening to harm or even destroy their businesses. I am committed to offering my clients the advocacy they need to ensure they are able to get past their current difficulties.My practice and my career have been focused on commercial litigation. I offer highly effective litigation skills and have a track record of success. But, I also know taking a case through the entire litigation process may not always be the most efficient path toward achieving the results my clients need. I counsel my clients on how best we can secure the necessary outcomes, whether through creative and effective litigation, alternative dispute resolution or a pragmatic settlement.

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Business Litigation Attorney Serving Morristown And Throughout New Jersey

For skilled and experienced commercial dispute representation that can help you resolve the challenges your business is facing, turn to The Law Office of John A. Fialcowitz. To schedule an initial consultation, call 973-813-7227, toll free at 888-509-8749 or contact my office online.