New Jersey State And Federal Appeals Representation

Are you considering appealing a loss at the trial level on a commercial law issue? I am attorney John A. Fialcowitz. I have the extensive experience and skill necessary to advocate for my Morristown and other New Jersey clients at the appellate level.

What Makes A Strong Appeal?

Appeals are limited in the scope of issues that can be considered. This makes it highly important that the attorney you choose to work with has extensive experience and the ability to identify the issues that are most likely to result in success for you. Beyond issue spotting, a strong appeal is built on a foundation of high-quality research and writing.

Have You Won A Case And Are Now Facing An Appeal?

Winning at the trial level is not necessarily the end of a dispute. The other party may appeal his or her loss. Having to defend against an appeal can be a challenge you may not have expected, but you cannot afford to let your victory be snatched away by putting forward anything less than a strong defense against the appeal you are facing.

More Than 20 Years Of Experience Helping Morristown Business Owners

At The Law Office of John A. Fialcowitz, LLC, I provide my clients with skilled representation. After more than 20 years of commercial law representation, my understanding of how to effectively bring or defend against an appeal has the necessary depth to be able to help my clients protect their businesses and their best interests.

My career has been focused on providing the most effective representation to the New Jersey business community, especially those facing very difficult situations where litigation is the only apparent means of achieving resolution. In addition to working in the Appellate Division of New Jersey Superior Courts and the United States Court of Appeals for the Third and Second Circuits, I take cases in the Supreme Court of New York as well.

Appeals Attorney Serving Morristown And Throughout New Jersey

For skilled appellate representation you can trust your most important matters to, turn to The Law Office of John A. Fialcowitz. To schedule an initial consultation, call 973-813-7227, toll free at 973-813-7227 or contact my office online.