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Morristown Contract Dispute Attorney

When a business enters into a contract, it expects the other party to honor its agreements. When that does not happen – and a customer, contractor, or any other party does not meet its contractual obligations – that business needs an experienced attorney to protect its rights in litigation.

With many years of experience representing businesses in contract disputes, businesses throughout New Jersey turn to me to defend them when a contract has been breached. My name is John Fialcowitz. As a private practice attorney with years of large firm experience, I offer my clients the personal access and reasonable rates of a small firm, with the legal knowledge and experience of a former large firm attorney.

Protecting New Jersey Businesses In Contract Disputes

I represent businesses in all types of contract disputes, including:

  • Breach of contracts involving customers, contractors, distributors, manufacturers, physicians, sales agents, vendors, etc.
  • Actions brought under the Uniform Commercial Code
  • Unjust enrichment claims
  • Non-compete or non-disclosure disputes
  • Collection actions
  • Construction liens

Through online databases and document preparation software, I have access at my law firm to many of the same resources that a large firm has without the burden of large overhead costs. This allows me to pass significant savings on to my clients in contract dispute matters.

Get In Touch For A Consultation

From my Morristown office, I represent businesses in contract disputes throughout New Jersey. For a consultation with a skilled lawyer, contact me online or at 973-813-7227.