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Morristown Restrictive Covenants Lawyer

Restrictive covenants are agreements between employees and employers that bar employees from certain activities after their employment ends.

Although the laws surrounding restrictive covenants vary between states and are evolving, such agreements typically have a few requirements: that the covenant protects the legitimate interest of the employer, the covenant does not cause undue hardship for the employee, and that the covenant is not harmful to the public interest.

Representation In New Jersey Business Disputes, Noncompete Agreements And More

Through my practice at the Law Office of John A. Fialcowitz, LLC, I represent the interests of New Jersey employers and employees in legal issues concerning restrictive covenants, including:

  • Noncompete agreements prohibiting employees from competing with a former employers
  • Nonsolicit agreements prohibiting individuals from soliciting the clients or other employers of former employers
  • Nondisclosure agreements prohibiting former employees from divulging an employer’s confidential information, proprietary information or trade secrets.

More Than 20 Years Of Experience

I have more than 20 years of legal experience at large and small law firms, and I have represented many clients by litigating restrictive covenant disputes.

I can help you in these and other situations:

  • The seller of a business violates a noncompete agreement with the buyer by starting a new business in the same industry.
  • A former employee violates a nondisclosure agreement by using his or her former employers’ trade secrets at his or her new job.
  • A former employer falsely accuses a former employee of taking proprietary information.
  • An employer learns that a former employee is soliciting favored clients away from the employer, in violation of the nonsolicit agreement both parties signed.

A Morristown Lawyer Who Is Always On Your Side

Although I represent both businesses and employees, I am always on the side of the clients who retain me. I am selective in who I represent, and I consider the facts seriously before I agree to represent a client. Once I am your attorney, however, I will fight for your cause with tenacity and zeal.

Call For An Initial Consultation

Contact me today in Morristown, New Jersey, and I can discuss your options with you during a confidential consultation. I can be reached directly by calling 973-813-7227.